My son, Scott, took a photo while out hiking.  I really liked it.  I asked him if I could do a quilted wall hanging of it.  He liked the idea so here it is.  This is done with little snippets of fabric for the flowers and trees.  What a challenge!!!

Sweet Agnes

This is named "Sweet Agnes".  She was one of my favorite aunts.  She lived to the age of 102 and was a delight until her death.  I knitted her sweater and beaded her necklace.  I also, used fabric paint on her hair.

Midnight magic

This is made with angelina, crystals and thread art.  We will usr this as a wall hanging.  I love it because it is so bright and happy.

Jewelry Travel Bags

These will be great Christmas gifts. Opps, now everyone knows.  I loved to use the jewely travel bags when we were able to travel.  Now I use them to store my jewelry. 

Blessed Mother

This will be a class I am going to teach in August.  I hope it goes well.  It is all done with fabric and thread.  I covered it with netting then quilted it.  The netting acts as a "wash" if I had painted the picture.  It tones down the colors.


These potholders look so real when they are on the kitchen counter.  You almost want to enjoy a piece of pie and a scoop of ice cream.  They do take some time to make but are so fun to have in the kitchen.  I have also made blackberry.  Always something new on my "plate".

Silver City, New Mexico

I have finally finished this wall hanging.  I made the pictures a while ago and always wanted them in a wall hanging.  I am so happy to finally get this done.  This will be entered in a show in Flagstaff in June.  If you are up that way, go to the Four Corners Quilt Exhibition, June 11 - July 20th.  Let me know if you go and what you thought of the show.

Zen Quilt

This was a really fun quilted wall hanging to make.  It is composed from doodles (except for the first one). The first one is something I saw in a craft book.  Most of the color is done with fabric watercolor paints.  I used black thread as well as some color thread.  It was so enjoyabel just doodling.  It is called Zen quilting.  I have given it to our daughter, however, I am taking it back to put it in our local quilt show in March.  There will be over 100 quilts in this show.  I will have 3 wall hanging there.  Maybe some of you may want to come see the talent in Green Valley.  It is March 15 and 16.  It would be nice to see you there.

Evening Out

This is an evening purse for an friend.  This is the most beautiful fabric and is just right for an evening out on the town.  She has not seen it yet so I am hoping she likes it.

"Day of the Dead"

This was so fun to make.  The pillow is for a friend of our daughter's.  She has a collection of "day of the dead" things.  It just amazes me what one can do with a little bit of fabric and a sewing machine.

"Old Blue Jeans"

This is the back of the "jeans" purse. The bottom picture is the front of the same purse.
It is fun to see how many ways one can use old jeans.

Blue Moon

This is my latest quilt. I first designed it, then used the "quilt as you go" method to finish it. I worked on it for about 6 month before I could call it finished.

In the Pink

This purse was made from a little girls jeans skirt. It is lined with pink cotton fabric. It is so much fun to recycle things like this. I may still put a pink belt on it. If I do, I will upgrade the pictures.

Snowflakes 5

Machine embroidered note card is done on cloth with raw edges.

My latest cards

I've been having so much fun making some different cards. It is so much fun to see what colors will make the design stand out. Each card takes about 2 hours to make. It takes much longer to draw up the design and make the place where the holes will go. I don't think I will make any more of the ones with the crystal beads. It would be too expensive to make them to sell.

Round Robin

This was my first experience doing a "round robin". It was so much fun. It started with my center square, the purple with the flowers appliqued. The next person did the next round and so on until all the ladies in the group did a round. I was amazed when I got it back as I had not seen it after I gave my starting square. Just thought you would like to see it.

Scott's Photography

This is a copy of a photograph that our son, Scott, had on his web-site. I just loved it and asked him if I could try to make a quilted wall hanging of it. I love the way it turned out. It is made of cotton fabric, netting, fabric paint and then quilted. Some of the trees are made with tiny pieces of fabric which I call snippets. It was so much fun to make it and to see it completed.

Purse with wallet

This purse has lots of pockets, inside and out. I don't always make a wallet type mini-purse to go with my purses. It just seemed like the right thing to do with this one. It holds credit cards, coins and bills.

Flowers Galore

With this purse, I fussycut the design from one piece of fabric and appliqued it onto the rust suedecloth. This one was fun to make, but then all of them are fun to make. I never get tired of drawing designs and then sitting at the sewing machine and putting them all together.

Black and White

I have always wanted to weave something so here it is. Now my brain is going crazy thinking of all kinds of things to weave. Hope you like this one.

Black,White and Red all over

This is another "Quilt as you go". This is one side that I will use most of the time. It was a great way to use up leftover fabric. As you know, I just can't throw away anything. It can always be used for something. The top picture is the other side.

Large Tote

This bag is quite large (18 x 11 x 5) and is great for traveling. Either side can be the "front" side and the fabric is oh, so soft. I'm not quite sure what I will use it for, or I could sell it for $40.00. I don't know that I will ever make another one.

Apache Junction Police Dept.

The Apache Junction asked me to make them a wall hanging that looked like their insignia. Since Apache Junction is in AZ. I used the state of Az. as a background.

Clubhouse wall hanging

I made this for the clubhouse in the community we once lived. It showed what some of our friend did when they came to Apache Junction in the winter.

Camping in Sedona

This piece was created for some friends that camped in Sedona for many years. They gave me a snapshot to copy. It was so much fun to make.

St. Joseph and Baby

Since our daughter paints Icons I decided to try one in cloth and quilt it. I know I need more practice but I will do just that.

Wild Flowers

I designed this one on the computer. Much easier than drawing them out on paper.

Love Flowers

I just don't get tired of making cards with flowers. If you are interested in any of the cards, just e-mail me. $2.50 each.

Springtime 2


I love making this card. No two are alike. I use different threads and different colors of card stock for each one.


Stitching these cards is so relaxing. The fun part is coming up with a design and then seeing if it will look like what I see in my minds eye when it is finished. All my cards are $2.50 each so if you are interested e-mail me.


A friend gave me the design of this swan. I love it. I wish I would have designed it myself. Again, I sell these cards for $2.50 each. Contact me if you are interested in ordering any of my designs.

Copper and Gold

This note card is designed with copper and gold thread.


Color means so much to me, especially the color blue. I love the contrast of blue and white in this note card. I am selling these cards for $2.50 each.

Outerspace #3

This note card is designed using gold thread and rootbeer colored glass seed beads.

Summer Sunshine

This tote is made of cotton and embelished with buttons. This is the front of the bag. It has a large pocket inside.
The upper picture is the back of the tote. Note the large pocket, divided in the middle.